How to convert your furniture schedule data into a SIF file

Easily convert your Canvas furniture schedule data into a SIF file to use with software for contract office furniture specification and procurement.

Adding a Furniture Schedule to your Canvas

pageHow to create a furniture schedule

Accessing your Furniture Schedule:

pageHow to download a furniture schedule

Converting your Furniture Schedule into a SIF file:

A .sif (SIF), or Standard Interchange Format, is a geospatial data exchange format, that can be used with procurement ordering software for the contract office furniture industry, such as Configura Spec, 2020 Cap, Hedberg, etc.

  • To convert your CSV file to a SIF file, navigate to where your CSV Furniture Schedule file is saved (this is typically your Downloads folder).

  • Right-Click on the file name, and select Rename.

  • Change the file extension from .csv to .sif.

  • When uploading your converted SIF file, you may have to map or rename your column headers to match your data fields.

Alternatively, there are several online file conversion tools and software that can also convert CSV files to SIF files.

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