How to edit your account information

This article will teach you how to edit your user and account information.

Team Management

When you select the Team icon on the Navigation Bar, you'll be taken to your Team Management page. Team Management allows you to manage the Account Settings, check your account usage, and manage the users on your account.

Account Settings:

You'll find your account information when you click on the Subscription tab. You are able to check in on your plan, usage, and billing here, as well as, upgrade your account at anytime. Click the Pencil Icon on the right to edit your Account Name, Legal Company Name, and add an email domain. Click Update to save your changes.


When you create an account, your default role will be as an Admin. As an Admin, you can add or remove users, determine the level of access for each user, and edit your account information - like including an email domain. If your role is Member, then you won't have permission to change roles or remove users.

NOTE: Starter accounts are limited to a single user per account with limited access to Canoa's platform. You will need to upgrade your account tier to add users to your account.

Editing your User Information:

You can edit your own user information to change your User Name or add a profile picture. To edit your information:

  • Open the Team page and toggle to the User tab

  • Click on the Pencil edit icon on the right of your user record

  • Edit your User Name in the field

  • Clicking on the icon to the left of your name will allow you to upload or change a profile picture

  • Click Save to save your edits

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