This article will explain the features and benefits of a Pro account on Canoa.

The Pro account tier is great for individuals and teams working across projects and clients. If you'd like to add a team member, family member, or friend to work within a shared account on Canoa, then Pro is for you. You will incur a nominal amount per user per month to unlock a private workspace, create additional Canvas boards, import and manage your own products with My Catalog and Catalog Pro, access tracking capabilities with our Project feature, and take part in our beta developments.


  • 5 Canvases per user

    • If you have one user in your Pro account, you can create up to 5 Canvases. If you have three users in your Pro account, you can create up to 15 Canvases. Etc...

  • A private workspace to centrally manage permissions across your team & collaborators.

  • Create, import, and manage up to 100 of your private custom product specifications in My Catalog and Catalog Pro

  • Create and track Project budgets, milestones, procurement lists, and furniture schedules

  • Access to over 100 Public Catalogs and 28,000+ products

  • Utilize 100s of ready to use Design Templates to start your Canvases with

  • Sharing your Canvas with 1 click to as many people as you'd like

Perfect for:

  • A user who wants to use features like My Catalog, Catalog Pro, and Projects in Canvas

  • An individual who needs more than 2 Canvases

  • A team working across multiple projects and clients

  • A small brand looking to upload their product Catalog onto Canoa for discovery, sales, and marketing purposes

  • A company who wants to manage design standards in one, central web browser

  • A dealership looking to import a client's list of existing inventory to design with

  • A firm looking to condense their tech stack and be more collaborative with coworkers, clients, and vendors all in one place


  • $35 per user

  • Billed monthly

  • Credit card required at sign up

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