Add Project information and metrics to your Canvas to better manage, track, and present furniture schedules, budgets, and milestone dates to your clients and teammates.

This feature is only available in upgraded, paid plans. When you upgrade your account to Pro, Studio or Enterprise, you unlock additional features in our platform, like Projects within Canvas. See Canoa's pricing page here for current pricing.

Track projects with budgets and timelines

Designs don't just happen in a vacuum. Our industry organizes itself around projects that have a specific goal, budget and timeframes. Track all of your specifications with real quantities against your Project budget. Track your embodied carbon. Track your procurement progress. All in one place inside the Canvas.

What you can do:

  1. Set an overall budget of per square foot

  2. Set a discount and markup percentage for the overall Project or per manufacturer/vendor

  3. Track your actual costs against your budget

  4. Set a project address

  5. Set project milestones and track against them

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