How to design with second life products

This article will explain second-life products and show you how to navigate our Products library to find and design with second-life products.

Including second life furniture and products in your plans and design is important for our design community and good for the planet. Doing so contributes to a circular economy, promotes sustainability and extends the value and lifecycle of furniture. Our Products library feature products listed by resellers of second-hand, pre-owned and open box furniture and accessories.

What is second-life furniture?

There are many terms used to convey the condition of second-life or second-hand furniture and products. Here are some commonly used terms and what they mean:

Pre-owned, Used, Used without Box: Items that have previously been in another environment or office. These products could have been used daily in workplaces and commercial environments, displayed in showrooms or kept in storage. Products are available as-is with existing finishes and fabrics. The wear & tear will vary on these products, and there often won't be a warranty. But, they still have a use-life left. These products typically require additional packaging when being shipped. These products are often extremely affordable solutions and allow you to quickly furnish your space.

Certified Pre-Owned: Examined, re-conditioned and certified by the company that sells the product. These products often have limited finish options or are only avaiable in existing finishes only. But certified pre-owned products are a price-advantage solution, often 50-60% from purchasing new and have a new warranty by the company that sells the furniture.

Remanufactured: These products are re-built or re-conditioned as needed by certified manufacturers. They can be re-built to your specification, which allows you to customize finishes and fabrics. They often have a new warranty by the company that sells the furniture and allow you to have a like-new, customizable solution but at 30-35% off of new.

Open-box: items that have been ordered and displayed, installed or stored, but typically not heavily used. Products can often be overstock or discontinued inventory. They are typically in like-new or gently used condition and can often ship in their current packaging.

How to find second-life products on Canoa?

You can find second-life products a couple of different ways on our platform.

Searching through our Products library:

Click on the Products icon on the left navigation bar to open up our Products library. From there, click on Second Life to filter for this product type. You can filter further by selecting Categories and Sub-Categories.

When using Canvas:

  • You can search through our Products by clicking on the + sign on the toolbar. You can enter a query in the search bar or select Brands that specialize in second life products, such as Reseat or Envirotech.

    • FOR PRO & STUDIO TIERS: You can also click on My Catalog to show only products that you've added to your catalog.

  • Slide the slider for a Detailed View of each product if you are looking for product names, dimensions, list price or carbon index.

  • Drag & drop the product image into you canvas.

  • Want to see full product details? Right click on the product image and select View Product Details to open the product card.

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