How to bring your furniture schedule data into Google Sheets

With one click, you can bring your Canvas furniture schedule CSV data from your mood board into Google Sheets. Once imported, you can edit, format or link you data into AutoCAD dwg or Revit rvt.

Adding a Furniture Schedule to your Canvas:

pageHow to create a furniture schedule

Accessing your Furniture Schedule:

pageHow to download a furniture schedule

Importing your CSV Furniture Schedule into Google Sheets:

  • Log into Google Sheets and Select Start a New Spreadsheet, Blank. Do not use an existing template.

  • Click on the File menu and select Import.

  • A new window to Open a File will prompt you select the file you'd like to import. Click on Upload, and either click on Select a file from your computer or Drag a file into the upload window.

  • Navigate to where the CSV Furniture Schedule file is saved (this will typically be your Downloads folder).

  • Select the correct import settings as shown below (Import location: Create new spreadsheet; Separator type: Detect automatically; Convert text to numbers and dates: No) and click on Import data.

  • Your data will be imported into a Google Sheet for you to edit and work with as a typical Google Sheet.

  • To link your Google Sheet into AutoCAD dwg, then Download your file as a Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) file.

  • To import or link your Google Sheet into Revit rvt, Download your file as a PDF.

pageHow to bring your furniture schedule data into AutoCADpageHow to bring your furniture schedule into your Revit model

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