How to download a furniture schedule

Once you download your CSV furniture schedule from Canvas, you can easily import it into a variety of data management programs to edit, format or link into AutoCAD dwg and Revit rvt.

Once you have created a Canvas mood board, added a budgetary furniture schedule, and selected the products you want in that furniture schedule, you are ready to download this schedule to your email.

To download the schedule to a .CSV file:

  1. Select the schedule and click Export Selection icon at the bottom (as seen above).

  2. In the Export window, choose CSV as the format in the drop down menu.

  3. Select the data fields you wish to be included, and then click download.

  4. A CSV file will be sent to your email within seconds. You can take that .CSV file and bring it into Excel, GoogleSheets, Airtable, or any spreadsheet program that you use.

What to do with your Furniture Schedule:

The Furniture Schedule emailed to you is a .csv file (CSV). A CSV, or comma-separated values file, is data saved in a table format and is one of the most common file types. It looks similar to a typical spreadsheet, but CSV files are plain-text or raw data. Since the file is raw data, you will need to import into another program that will allow you to add formatting and manipulate the data to your presentation needs. Once imported, you can edit, format and manipulate your furniture product data to create budgets, formatted status or inventory reports, and specification details as needed.

Accessing your Furniture Schedule:

  • Download the attachment emailed to you.

  • Open the CSV in another spreadsheet program, like GoogleSheets, Excel, or Airtable to start editing and formatting.

Continue onto the next articles to learn how to convert your furniture schedule into a SIF file, and bring it into AutoCAD and Revit.

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