How to bring your furniture schedule data into Airtable

With one click, you can bring your Canvas furniture schedule CSV data from your mood board into Airtable. Once imported, you can edit and format your database.

Adding a Furniture Schedule to your Canvas:

How to create a furniture schedule

Accessing your Furniture Schedule:

How to download a furniture schedule

Importing your CSV Furniture Schedule into Airtable:

  • Log into your AIrtable account / go to your Airtable Home page.

  • Click on + Create a base.

  • Click on Add or import and select CSV file.

  • A new window will open and prompt you to drop your file or browse files to navigate to where your CSV Furniture Schedule file is saved (this will typically be your Downloads folder).

  • Click Upload.

  • Check your data and edit field names and field types as needed. In the Other Settings menu, you can Auto-select field types and Use first row as headers.

  • Click Import. Your data will be imported into a new Imported table for you to edit and work with as a typical Airtable.

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