How to bring your furniture schedule data into AutoCAD

Easily create a furniture schedule in your Canvas mood board and bring that data into your AutoCAD dwg drawing.

Make sure to start with:

How to create a furniture schedule

Importing your CSV Furniture Schedule into Microsoft Excel:

Before you can link your Canvas Furniture Schedule into your AutoCAD dwg drawing, you will need to save your CSV Furniture Schedule into an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx).

How to bring your furniture schedule data into Microsoft ExcelHow to bring your furniture schedule data into Google Sheets
  • Open your AutoCAD DWG.

  • Run the DATALINK command and navigate to where your Furniture Schedule Excel file is saved.

  • Select your file and click Open.

  • The New Excel Data Link window will open. Confirm the File Name and file path is correct. Select the link type and create a unique Data Link Name.

  • You have the option of revising the cell content and formatting in AutoCAD or Excel. Checking Keep data formats and formulas and Allow writing to source file will make sure your Excel formulas are preserved

  • Check Insert Table.

  • To modify data in locked cells, right-click on the cell to open up your Properties manager, and select Unlocked from the drop-down menu under Cell locking.

  • Remember to Refresh Content in your Reference Manager to sync the data link between your Excel file and your AutoCAD drawing.

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