Working with My Catalog

Catalogs allow you to organize your favorite products, design standards, and upload and share your own product data all in one location called My Catalog.

Catalogs are the UI of the content management system (CMS). You already know how you can create and track products inside of a Canvas. Catalogs allow you to upload and manage all your product data centrally.

There are two catalog tools for working with your product data: My Catalog and Catalog Pro.

My Catalog is a wonderful catalog-style interface that allows you to browse, search, edit and create collections of products. Catalog Pro in turn allows you to upload your existing product data at scale. Once uploaded, all your data will be available to view and organize in My Catalog.

We have a rich community of brands that also share their catalogs publicly. You can leverage these public catalogs of tens of thousands of commercial-grade, sustainably-minded products with real pricing, up-to-date lead time information, and scaled 2D drawings that you can drag & drop into your mood board and layout.

Let’s say you want to design with product data that is not found in our public Products library or you want to bring in your own product data into Canoa. No problem – Catalog Pro allows you to seamlessly import your own product data while My Catalog is a place to organize those products into various Collections, create custom templates of vignettes (we call these Kits!) for design and layouts, and save your favorite, most-used products from the public Products database to your private Catalog.

Whenever products are shared to you from users in other accounts, they will appear in My Catalog.

Understanding and utilizing products

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