How to delete or remove products from your catalog

This article will teach you how to remove or delete products that are saved within My Catalog.

Just as easy as it is to collect products to build out your My Catalog, you can also remove products from My Catalog at anytime. You can remove products from your personal catalog that were shared to you from another account, that you created yourself, or that you saved from Canoa's public Products library.

There are four ways to remove or delete a product within your Catalog:

  • Select the products you would like to delete, and click the Delete button. This is great for deleting in bulk.

  • Select the product you would like to remove -> click the three dots in the product card -> click Remove. This is how to remove products individually.

  • Click on the product within My Catalog, and click Remove from My Catalog in the product side-panel view. This is how to remove products individually.

  • While inside a Canvas, click View Product Details in the right-click menu options. The product side-panel will pop up on the right side of your Canvas. Click Remove from My Catalog.

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