Upgraded Features

Navigation features available to Pro, Studio, and Enterprise Accounts

When you upgrade to Pro, Studio or Enterprise accounts, you unlock additional features in our platform.

As an upgraded feature, you get access to private Catalogs and Catalog Pro, where you can create and manage your own catalog of product specifications and standards. Catalogs allows you to seamlessly import your product data; easily organize products into various Collections; create custom templates (we call these Kits!) for design and layouts, and more. Ensuring that you can design with the product standards that are important to you.

Projects in Canvas

Projects allows you to focus on the management and scheduling part of the design process so that everyone is aware of a project's scope, progress and status. While inside your Canvas, you can create a budget and ensure that it stays on track, create schedules and status reports to make sure milestones are met or track your embodies carbon. With Projects, you can easily organize and manage a project's scope of work - all in one place in the infinite Canvas.

Inventory (coming soon)

For those accounts that have placed an order with us in the past, you will continue to have access to your order history. Through your Orders Dashboard, you can navigate through the various orders you've placed, access the order details, and download invoices.

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