Changing your account subscription

Read below if you're looking to modify your account subscription.

Read this page linked here for the different account tiers on Canoa:

pageHow to create an account

Pricing for Account Tiers:

Pricing for account tiers is charged per user per month based on your pricing tier. Your pricing will change if you add or remove users from your account, based on your pricing tier.

Please see the Canoa Pricing page for more details or contact for more information.

Changing or Canceling your Account Subscription:

If you are a free Starter account and would like to upgrade to a Pro account, you can do so wherever you see a prompt to Upgrade or by going to the Team page on the left-side Navigation Bar .

pageHow to edit your account information

If you'd like to upgrade your account to an Enterprise account, then please see the Canoa Pricing page for more details and contact for more information.

If you'd like to cancel your paid subscription, then please contact for more information.

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