How to add and remove users from your account

This article will teach you how to edit the users on your account.

Note: Only admins can remove users from an account. Both members and admins can add more users to an account.

Adding Users to Free accounts

Starter (Free) accounts are limited to a single admin user per account with limited access to Canoa's platform. When you click on Add Users, you will be redirected to upgrade your account tier to then be able to add users to your account. You can not remove yourself as a user - in order to delete your account, read the article linked below:

How to change your account subscription

Adding Users to Pro & Studio accounts

Pro & Studio users can add more users to their account by clicking on the Add Users button in the upper right corner of the app and within the Team page on the Users tab. You will be billed for the total number of users on your account per month accordingly.

  • Enter the email or emails separated by a comma, then click Send.

Definition of user roles:

  • Admin = Admins are able to add and remove users, can edit all account and user settings, and can edit the billing and payment method and view invoice history.

  • Member = Members will not be able to remove or edit user roles. Members cannot view or manage any billing information or account settings. Members, like Admins, can use all the design features on Canoa, including sharing products across accounts they are apart of.

Pricing for additional users:

  • Pricing for additional users is charged per user per month based on your pricing tier. Please see the Canoa Pricing page for more details or contact for more support.

Removing Users From Pro & Studio Accounts

As an Admin, when you remove a user from your account, that user will no longer have access to the Canvases they created or the product data they may have created. You will no longer be billed for that user per month.

  • On the Team page under the Users tab, Click on the garbage can icon for the user you'd like to remove.

  • Select Yes when asked to confirm the removal of the user. You will no longer be billed for this user.

  • Once you remove a user, they are permanently removed from your account, and they will no longer have access to any of the Canvases or the product data in My Catalog and Catalog Pro in the account.

  • If you need to add that user back into your account, then follow the Adding Users process above.

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