How to set an email domain to your account

This article will teach you how to add an email domain to your account for easy, overall Team management and quick team member additions when your coworkers sign up.

What are email domains on Canoa?

Setting an email domain for your Canoa account is a great way to bring your whole team onto Canoa. By detecting the email address at sign-up, it provides a quick and easy sign-up flow for a new user to essentially join your existing Canoa account because you share the same email domain.

When a new user from your team or company signs up for Canoa, they will be prompted to join your account at the first sign in attempt. Setting the email domain in your account settings allows this to happen. When other users with this approved email domain sign up, they are detected as belonging to an existing account. They will always have the option to create a separate new account as well.

For example, I created an account for my office called 'Canoa New York'. As the admin user, I went into the account settings and set the unique email domain to '' - meaning, any of my coworkers with the same email address will be recognized and asked to join my 'Canoa New York' account when they sign up automatically.

How to add an email domain to your account:

  1. Make sure you have Admin permissions on your account. Members cannot edit account settings.

  2. Select the Team icon on the Navigation Bar, and you'll be taken to your Team Management page.

  3. View the Subscription tab.

  4. Click on the Pencil icon on the far right side of the Account section.

  5. A window will pop up to Update Account information. Add your unique email domain at the bottom of this window in the Allowed Email Domain field.

  6. Click Update.

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