Exporting data from a Project

This article will teach you how to export the details and data of your Project to help you better manage furniture schedules, budgets, and milestone dates outside of Canvas.

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You have added a Project into your Canvas to better capture the scope and budget of your new project. You have edited and added details to the Project, and manipulate the Furniture Schedule to show only product data you want included. So now it's time to export this Project data out of Canvas and into your email.

Download the Furniture Schedule:

  1. Select the products you want in the furniture schedule portion of the Project. Filter by product Drawings, Images, or Cards. You can also filter by Areas.

  2. Click the Download button located in between the Areas and Project address.

  3. The Furniture Schedule emailed to you is a .CSV file (CSV). A CSV, or comma-separated values file, is data saved in a table format and is one of the most common file types.

  4. Open the CSV in another spreadsheet program, like GoogleSheets, Excel, or Airtable to start editing and formatting. Read the below article to learn how to convert your furniture schedule into a SIF file, and bring it into AutoCAD and Revit.

pageHow to download a furniture schedulepageHow to convert your furniture schedule data into a SIF file

Export your Project using Frames:

pageHow to use Frames
  1. In the top Toolbar, click Frame.

  2. Drag and drop the Frame around the entire Project.

  3. Right-click on this Frame, and select Export As.

  4. Choose the output image size and the format - PNG, JPEG, or PDF.

  5. Click Download. And your selected file will download directly into your Downloads folder.

With this downloaded file of your Project, you can now print, send as an email attachment, or even drop it into a GoogleSlides or PowerPoint presentation.

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