How to add Links into Canvas

This article will teach you how to copy paste website URLs into Canvas, helping you collect your favorite products from just about anywhere and be able to reference helpful hyperlinks.

When you paste a URL into Canvas, it will automatically transform into a visually pleasing card view. This workflow allows you to easily add and organize different types of content from across the web directly inside your Canvas, keeping your designs nice and clean. You can paste and place links wherever you want in your Canvas and move them around with ease. Here's how:

  1. Copy the URL from your web-browser.

  2. Open the Canvas that you want to paste it into.

  3. Click CRTL + V in Canvas directly where you want to paste your link.

  4. The link will appear in a card view with a title, description, and hyperlink back to the original source.

Depending on the source of the link, different types of data will appear in the card once pasted into Canvas.

  • You can instantly create a product directly from the pasted link.

    • Simply, select the card and click the Create Product icon.

    • The Product side panel will pop up on the right-side of your screen where you can check all of the data it saved from its source and easily add more data manually!

    • Read How to create custom products in your mood board to learn all about this functionality.

  • You have the ability to turn the card preview into plain text if needed.

    • Simply, select the card and click the Display URL as Text icon.

  • Reference the original link of the card by clicking on the hyperlink icon in the bottom left corner of the card. It will take you to the exact website URL you copied into your Canvas.

This feature allows you to hyperlink almost anything in your Canvas. Not only can you paste URLs of your favorite furniture pieces from your favorite brands' websites, you can also paste links from e-commerce sites, news media and magazine outlets, bookmarking apps, and even that cooking recipe you've been inspired by lately. Happy collecting!

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