How to create or save products to your catalog

This article will teach you how to create a private catalog of products in My Catalog, ensuring that you can design with the product standards that are important to you.

As an upgraded feature for all Pro and Studio Accounts, you have access to My Catalog where you can create and manage your own product data and design standards and share it across your team. Your digital Catalog allows you and your team to track favorite products, create new ones, edit and manage data at scale from a central location, and of course share them to other accounts that you are a part of.

There are several ways to start building your Catalog, and this article will walk you through each way, step-by-step. First, let's locate My Catalog in the left-side main navigation bar.

Note: This feature is only accessible for all upgraded Pro and Studio Accounts. And whenever products are shared to you from Canoa users in other accounts, they will appear in My Catalog.

All the ways to create your own Catalog on Canoa:

  1. Save to My Catalog button while browsing the Products library

  2. Create Product button within Canvas

  3. Create Product button in My Catalog

  4. Bulk import a .CSV file of product data into Catalog Pro

Save products from the public catalogs:

Head to our Products tab where +26k global product specifications live full of Canoa-approved, real time data, aka our Products library. Here, you can filter by categories and use the search bar to find products that you need for your next project or mood board.

As you're browsing, you will find products that you will want to save for later, save as your favorites, and use in your Canvas digital mood boards. Here's how:

  1. Click on that product, and the product details will appear on the right-side panel.

  2. Select "Save to My Catalog" under the product's image.

  3. The product you just saved will automatically appear in your Catalog tab the next time you open it up.

  4. Pro Tip: if you have tons of saved products in your Catalog, start organizing them into Collections for easy file-folding.

Create a custom product from Canvas:

When you drag and drop your own image into Canvas, you are then able to create a custom product card from that image. After you click Create Product in the right-click menu, this product will automatically be saved in your Catalog.

  • Note: Only upgraded Pro, Studio, and Enterprise accounts will be able to manage products they create in Canvas in My Catalog.

  1. Create a new Canvas or open an existing Canvas.

  2. Find the image of the product you'd like to create a custom product card.

  3. Copy-paste or drag & drop that image into your Canvas board.

  4. Hover over the image and right-click to open up the Features Menu.

  5. Select Create Product.

  6. The Product Card window will open up on the right side of your Canvas so you can add details about your product.

    1. Note: If the Product Card window does not automatically open up, then hover over the image, right-click to open up the features menu and select View Product Details.

  7. Fill in as much product data in available fields as you wish. You can even add a 2D vector drawing!

  8. Your product will be automatically saved in your My Catalog the next time you refer back to that tab.

Create a product from My Catalog:

A quick and easy way to add products into your Catalog that are not available in the Products database is through the Create Product button within My Catalog.

  1. Open My Catalog in the left-side navigation bar.

  2. Click on Create Product in the upper right corner.

  3. The Drawing Editor window will be launched automatically.

  4. Fill in as much product data in the available fields as you wish. You can even add a 2D vector drawing! Learn more about this step here.

Your product will be automatically saved in My Catalog the next time you refer back to that tab.

Import your product data from a spreadsheet:

pageHow to import your product data

Put My Catalog to use in Canvas:

After you have saved your favorite products to your Catalog from Canoa’s Product library, imported your own spreadsheet of product data into Catalog Pro, or created custom products within a Canvas, referring back to My Catalog is easily accessible to start designing with anytime.

When you are designing your digital mood board and are ready to add your favorite products into a Canvas, My Catalog is found in the + button in the top toolbar - saving you time from searching through thousands of skus.

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