How to work with Kits

This article will show you how to turn your design standards into Kits, which are custom templates of vignettes for layouts.

Kits are vignette templates that are great for inspiration and fast design. When you build a Kit, you are saving a commonly used vignette that groups the products' pricing and drawing layout into one product card. You can start new Canvas easily from a Kit to get your project going, or copy paste that Kit into an existing Canvas you are already designing a project or client presentation in.

How to create a Kit:

  1. Open up My Catalog.

  2. Click on the Kits tab.

  3. Click Create Kit.

  4. You'll then be sent to the Layout / Drawing Editor. Click the Add Product button to search for the products you want to add into your new Kit.

  5. Every time you select a product, it's drawing will show hovering with your cursor. Place the drawing in the layout.

    1. Click the Escape key when you're done adding in the drawing.

    2. You can place the same product multiple times until you press Escape.

  6. Layout your Kit to your liking. Rotate the drawings to fit your space plan.

  7. Give your Kit a name and add more details like Capacity # and Tags for search-ability.

You can also create a Kit, and then go back to the Products tab in My Catalog to add your products into the Kit you just created. The Add to Kit button is located in the dropdown menu of Add to Project after you select your products.

You will then need to click into the Kit after adding products from My Catalog. This way, you can place the product drawings into the Layout / Drawing Editor and space plan accordingly.

How to add a Kit into a Canvas:

  1. In My Catalog, open the Kits tab and click on the Kit you would like to add into a Canvas.

  2. A side-panel window of the Kit will open on the right-side of your screen.

  3. Click the button Start A Canvas.

  4. You will then be taken into a brand new Canvas where you will see the drawing layout you designed of your Kit.

  5. From here, keep designing with your Kit by adding a furniture schedule, importing a floor plan and scaling it precisely. OR, simply, copy paste this Kit into an existing Canvas that you have already created to continue working on an existing project.

Notice that the name of the Canvas will be the same name as the Kit.

NOTE: The best way to reference back to your Kits and edit them are in My Catalog in the Kits tab. Any changes you make to the Kit in a Canvas will not save over to the primary file of the Kit. The edits you make to the Kit in a Canvas will only remain in that Canvas. The best practice is to create, organize, and edit Kits only from within My Catalog.

Start with our Space Planning Starter Kit:

One of the Canoa Templates we offer to get your Canvas started is the Space Planning Starter Kit. It includes thirty-five 2D furniture blocks for commercial interior design layouts. Use these to start arranging and visualizing furniture within your space.

  1. Launch the Space Planning Kit Canvas by clicking here. Or, in the Canvas dashboard, click + New Canvas, then Browse Templates, and choose the template titled Space Planning Kits.

  2. Select / Highlight any of our 2D CAD blocks and copy them.

  3. Paste them into your own Canvas that you are designing with.

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