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How to navigate Catalog Pro

This article will teach you how to manage your product data and navigate the features of Catalog Pro.
Catalog Pro is where you import, maintain, and export products to and from your Catalog. If you are a brand or supplier, you will be able to publish your products to the public Products page for all users to discover.
As a feature for all Pro+ users, the Catalog Pro tool allows you to manage all of your products you have uploaded into your Catalog. Note: anything you add from the public Catalog will remain in your Catalog but not appear in Catalog Pro, as you do not have editing ability of public products.

Finding Catalog Pro:

  1. 1.
    When you log into your Canoa account, you'll be taken to your Canvas dashboard.
  2. 2.
    Find the Navigation Bar on the left side of your screen. Expand it by clicking on the three dash lines.
  3. 3.
    You'll find Catalog Pro underneath My Catalog. (Screenshot below).
Catalog Pro lives in the Navigation Bar on the left side of your screen.

Main Features of Catalog Pro:

  • Editable product card - found by clicking on a product. Update any of the info in the fields shown in the right side panel.
  • Filter Tool - to better search for your product
  • Create New Views and customize them - for multiple team members, product categories, etc..
  • Importing and Exporting of CSV files
  • Publishing and Un-Publishing of products to the public Catalog if you are a Brand or a Supplier
  • Sharing and Archiving of products
Please watch the video above for a complete, in depth explanation of navigating the basics of Catalog Pro.
When you click a product image in the list shown, the right side panel pops out - an editable Product Card. Here is where you can edit any of the data fields per product.
Click on this filter button circled in red. The 'Filters' window will pop up where you can choose from a variety of categories to help search for your products.
Click on 'New View'. The gear wheel circled in red will open up the View Settings. Here is where you can customize the order of fields by dragging and dropping the three dashes, and where you can choose the selection of fields per view by checking and unchecking.
Clicking on the three dots will expose the Importing and Exporting features that work with CSV files.
The Publish button allows you to publish and un-publish selected products.
The Share button allows you to Share and Archive selected products.