What is CanoaGPT?

CanoaGPT is a specialized AI assistant designed to help interior designers and other professionals streamline the process of formatting and preparing data for uploading to Canoa. It ensures data organization, consistency, and compliance with Canoa's requirements, making it easier for interior designers to manage their project data efficiently.

How do I access CanoaGPT?

Supported File Types

CanoaGPT can handle various file types, including:

  • HTML

  • XLS

  • CSV

  • PDF

  • XML

  • SIF


  1. Upload Your Files

    • To get started, upload the files you need assistance with. CanoaGPT supports HTML, XLS, CSV, PDF, XML, and SIF files.

  2. Verify Data Against a Specified Template

    • CanoaGPT checks your data against a standard template to ensure consistency and completeness. This includes:

      • Identifying and correcting missing fields

      • Ensuring correct data types

      • Highlighting formatting inconsistencies

  3. Check for Proper Image URL Inclusion

    • If your data includes product images, CanoaGPT verifies the inclusion of proper image URLs and ensures they are correctly formatted.

  4. Suggest Improvements for Data Optimization

    • CanoaGPT provides suggestions to optimize your data, such as:

      • Correcting common issues like missing information or incorrect data types

      • Ensuring proper image URL inclusion for embedded images

      • Improving overall data organization and presentation

  5. Generate an Improved CSV File for Upload into Canoa

    • CanoaGPT can automatically implement improvements where feasible and generate an improved CSV file for you to download.

  6. Manual Corrections with Detailed Guidance

    • For any issues that require manual adjustments, CanoaGPT provides clear, step-by-step guidance to help you make the necessary corrections, especially for image management and format conversion.

File Conversion

CanoaGPT can convert files from one format to another, ensuring they meet Canoa's requirements and are ready for upload. Here are the possible conversions:

  • CSV to SIF

  • XLS to CSV

  • XLS to SIF

  • XML to CSV

  • XML to SIF

  • HTML to CSV

  • HTML to SIF

  • PDF to CSV

  • PDF to SIF

Why should I use CanoaGPT?

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