How to provide comments & notes

This article will show you how adding comments and capturing notes directly in your Canvas furniture presentation and mood board is an effortless and efficient way to enhance collaboration.

What is collaboration with comments? It's more efficient to have all of your project notes and comments together in one document rather than having separate documents that you have to reference.

Turning Comments On & Off

The Comments or speech bubble icon is found on your Canvas toolbar. Click on the icon to turn the Comments feature on or off. When Comments are turned on, the icon will be purple and the Comments Window will pop up.

Adding Comments to your Canvas

  • Place the purple speech bubble icon on the area(s) you'd like to leave your comment. When the icon is placed, a window will open up that allows you to input your comment. Hit Post after making your notes.

  • The comment you added will appear in the Comments window.

  • You can mention a user in your comment by typing the @ symbol and then selecting the user. An email notification is sent when someone is mentioned in a Comment.

  • The Comments window acts like a running list of edits or notes that you can keep track of. Selecting a comment in the Comments window will show where the comment was placed in your Canvas.

Editing or Deleting Comments

  • You can edit or delete a comment either from the Comments window or directly in a Comment. Click on the 3-dot menu to Edit, Delete or mark your comment as Resolved.

Resolved Comments

  • The Resolved tab shows a running log of resolved comments. In the Resolved tab, you can Edit, Delete or Re-open comments as needed.

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