How to create a furniture & accessories presentation

Define your design concept and use AI-recommendations to pull together an impactful furniture & accessories presentation quickly and efficiently - from moodboard inspiration to furniture specification

Creating a mood board is an effective way to inspire and convey your design ideas visually. Using the Canoa AI-recommendation, Canoa's infinite Canvas streamlines the design process and can help you organize your concept and ideas, so you can pull together an impactful visual presentation quickly and efficiently. Create data-rich mood boards, lay-out a scaled floor plan, and generate furniture schedules and budgets using a singular design tool.

How to create a digital furniture & accessories presentation

Our Canvas is infinite, so there's no limit to what you can create. You can browse through our robust & data-rich product catalog with everything from renowned contract furniture brands to design-focused products from small makers. You can design with sustainability and circularity in mind using second life and pre-owned products. Simply drag and drop products and images into your canvas. Our toolbox provides lightweight design tools so you can edit images and personalize your presentation. Our Canvas Basics guide can help you get started.

Designing with Canvas

Define your design concept:

  • Consider your design intent and the elements you'll need to convey your concept.

  • Gather inspiration images and resources.

Meet Canvas:

  • Sign into Canoa, click on the Canvas icon on the left navigation bar, and select + New Canvas and select create a Blank Canvas, Import Drawing, or Browse Templates.

  • A new tab will open up into a Canvas. This is an individual mood board that you can use for a specific project or design.

  • At the top is your tool bar, where you can access main functions quickly.

  • At the bottom right corner is the Add Product + icon, where you can browse your product library and bring products into your Canvas.

  • Every Canvas board created is given an auto-generated name. Click on the Canvas name to edit.

Search thousands of products:

  • You can search through our Products Library by clicking on the + sign in the bottom right corner. You can enter a query in the search or filer by product Category (such as Accessories, Seating, or Tables), Manufacturer or Vendor (we have over 100 unique brands!), or refine your search further by filtering by Price, Lead Time, Condition, Tag, and Collection.

  • Double click into any product to see all the product details.

  • Drag & drop the product image into you canvas. Or, select multiple products at once to bring them into the Canvas all together.

  • Play around with the different search, filter, and sort options to see what works for you.

  • Our product images allow you to toggle between three different views - the scaled 2d drawing, the product image, and the detailed product card. You can use whichever view you need. Need all three? Copy the image so you can space plan with the scaled drawing, create a rendering with the product image or use the detailed product card to show furniture specs.

  • Want to see full product details? Right click on the product image and select View Product Details to open the product card.

Embrace the power of Canoa AI to help you design:

  • Need help identifying a product from an inspiration image? Click on the image to activate Canoa AI.

  • Select Stuff Like Me to find similar products and Find Friends to find complementary products.

Duplicate, Delete, Rename:

  • To duplicate a Canvas, hover on the preferred Canvas, click on the three-dot menu and select Duplicate.

  • To delete a Canvas, hover on the preferred Canvas, click on the three-dot menu and select Delete.

  • In your Canvas dashboard, you can rename all of your Canvases. Hover on the Canvas, click on the three-dot menu and select Rename. You can also edit your Canvas name, by clicking on the Canvas title to activate the edit mode.

Use one of our Templates to get you started!

Working with Templates

Next Steps:

Customize your vision, aka let the design fun begin! Explore these ways to bring images, details and team members into your Canvas design.

Working with ImagesWorking with Floor PlansHow to organize your Canvas with FramesWorking with ProductsWorking with SchedulesCollaborating with othersHow to export or print your Canvas

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