How to add Custom Colors

This article explains how to add colors throughout your Canvas mood board and design presentations to better show off your brand standards.

You do have the freedom to add and use custom colors throughout Canvas. When you select Text, Shapes, Frames, and Areas, you will be given the option to Set Fill Style and Set Stroke Style with the icons that appear below the selected item. While Canvas offers a few standard color options, there are several ways to apply a custom color to these elements and their borders.

  • Fill = the area inside the border

  • Stroke = the border

Set the Fill Style:

  1. Select an item to add color to: Text, a Frame, a Shape, or an Area.

  2. Click Set Fill Style to add color throughout the element.

  3. You now have the following options when choosing a color here:

    1. Double click into a color swatch to edit the color gradient and the opacity level.

    2. Click the Plus icon in the color menu to launch the color gradient and opacity level.

    3. Click the Eyedropper icon in the color menu to select a color from your Canvas.

    4. Or, if you know your color code, manually type in a HEX, RGBA, or HSLA extension to apply your perfect color.

  4. Click throughout the gradient window to choose your color.

  5. Adjust the opacity of the color by sliding along the opacity bar in the color menu.

  6. When you have found your perfect color, simply click outside of the color menu to exit.

Pro Tip: If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser, you can use the Eyedropper tool to pick up colors from anywhere on your screen - including outside the browser window!

Hint: Colors are saved per Canvas board.

Set the Stroke Style:

  1. To style the border of a Frame, a Shape, or an Area, select the element and click the Set Stroke Style icon just below it.

  2. You have the same color options as above noted - Steps 3 through 6.

  3. Chose the border style: Solid line, Dashed, or Dotted.

  4. Chose the thickness of the border: a weight of 1 through 10.

  5. Click outside the color menu to save and exit.

We hope this custom color feature allows you to easily bring in your own design and brand standards into Canvas. Learn more about colors by reading these articles here:

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