How to add text

This article explains how to add text in your Canvas mood board and design presentations.

Canvas Toolbar

  • From your Canvas dashboard, either select one of your Canvas boards or click on + New Canvas.

  • At the top is your toolbar is where you can access main functions quickly.

  • Click on the Text icon and it will turn purple when activated.

Adding Text to your Canvas

  • Click on the area of your Canvas where you'd like to place your text box.

  • A blank, purple text box will appear where you can input your text.

Text Options

  • The text options menu will appear below. Available options include:

    • Bold

    • Italic

    • Underline

    • Text Justification Types: Left-Aligned, Centered, Right-Aligned

    • Text Color

    • Text Background Color

    • Text Size

    • Font

Editing Text

To edit your text, double-click on the text. A purple activation box will appear around your text and the text options toolbar will pop up.

Rotating Text

Your text box can be rotated. Please note that rotating the text box does not change the orientation of the text itself.

  • Click on your text and the purple activation box will appear around your text.

  • Hover at a corner of the text box until the rotate arrow appears.

  • Hold your left mouse key to rotate the text box. As you rotate, the rotation angle will appear to help guide you.

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