How to arrange your Canvas Dashboard

This article will show you how to arrange your Canvas Dashboard by adding a thumbnail image and name.

When a new Canvas is created, an arbitrary name is assigned automatically. So don't be surprised if your Canvas Dashboard has an "Elegant Penguin, "Sophisticated Starchitect" or "Sassy Peach." As you create multiple Canvases, it will become important to have your dashboard arranged so you can easily identify and search for each Canvas.

Naming or Renaming a Canvas

From your Canvas Dashboard:

In your Canvas dashboard, you can rename all of your Canvases. Hover on the Canvas, click on the three-dot menu and select Rename.

From a Canvas:

You can also edit your Canvas name by clicking on the Canvas title to activate the edit mode.

Filtering your Canvas boards in your Canvas Dashboard:

  • In your Canvas Dashboard, you can search and filter for the Canvas boards that you've created by clicking on Created By Me or for the Canvas boards that you've been invited to by clicking on Shared by My Team and All Shared with Me.

Setting a Thumbnail image:

The thumbnail image of a Canvas defaults to the last image placed in your Canvas. But you can set a specific image to appear as the thumbnail image in your dashboard. The action Set as Thumbnail is located in the right-click menu when in Canvas.

  • First, open your Canvas.

  • Select an image, vignette, text, etc. that you'd like as your thumbnail image.

  • Draw a Frame around your selection.

  • Right-click on your Frame, and select Set as Thumbnail from the menu.

Setting a thumbnail image allows you to better visually navigate your Canvas Dashboard.

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