How to embed a Canvas into Webflow

This article will teach you how to embed a Canvas in Webflow to enrich your website with an interactive and collaborative window of the Canvas.

Now that you have copied the embed link or the embed code of your Canvas, let's learn how to paste this embed code into the third-party website hosting platform, Webflow, in order to share and show your Canvas in a unique way.

Embedding enriches your website with an interactive window of the Canvas. It takes hyperlinking to the next level, and let's you keep all your information in one place. The Embed element in Webflow gives you the power to add custom blocks of code to your sites.

How to add an Embed code directly to your Webflow website

  • Launch Webflow.

  • Open the Add panel and add an Embed element to the Webflow canvas.

  • Paste in the embed code you copied from Canoa.

  • Save and close the modal.

For more help regarding Webflow embedding, read this article here.

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