How to export or print your Canvas with Frames

This article will show you how to use Frames to print, PDF or export your Canvas presentation, images, mood boards and furniture schedules for use in a variety of presentation programs.

You've used Canvas to create visuals like collages and vignettes, lay out your floor plan, and even put together a furniture specification presentation and furniture schedule. But now what? How do you get what you've created in your infinite Canvas mood board into a presentation template that you're using or print it out? Use Frames to export or print anything on your Canvas to PDF, use with Google Slides, MS Powerpoint, Adobe InDesign, Figma and other presentation programs.

pageHow to use Frames

Using a Frame to Export:

  • Click on your Frame and name your Frame.

  • Right-click inside the Frame and select Export As.

  • The Export window will pop-up. You'll have the option to select the image resolution size (the output image size will change accordingly) and format.

    • Size: Relates to resolution. The higher the size selection, the larger the exported file will be.

    • Format: You can export anything in a Frame as a PDF, JPEG or PNG (with or without a transparent background).

  • Click Download.

Exporting a PNG:

When you select PNG as your export format, you can choose for your exported Frame to have a transparent background or not. The default background will be white.

Using your exported Frame:

If you export your Frame as a JPEG or PNG, then you can import, embed or attach into any presentation program (such as Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, Figma, etc.) as a typical image file.

Printing your exported Frame:

When designing within your Canvas, you can create a Frame and set a ratio to match common paper or presentation formats. Please note, that the set ratio of your Frame is for design & layout purposes only. It doesn't correspond to the page/paper size of your exported frame.

When printing, and to ensure your exported Frame fits your preferred page size, please remember to:

  • Uncheck Choose paper source by PDF page size

  • Select either Fit / Fit To Printable Area or Shrink / Shrink To Printable Area

  • NOTE: Your Frame will not print to scale

See below for more details on organizing your Canvas using Frames.

pageHow to organize your Canvas with Frames

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