How to organize your Canvas with Frames

This article will show you how to use Frames to group your images, organize your Canvas mood board and create standards for design presentations, furniture specifications and product catalogs.

Using Frames to Group:

Adding Frames to your Canvas allows you to group objects together. Rather than having to select individual images, product cards, drawings, etc.., placing a Frame around all of them allows you to easily select, move, and export these elements as a group.

Organizing your Canvas:

Frames can help you organize your Canvas. You can use Frames to define areas of your Canvas for designing and presenting, to develop layouts to export as images or PDFs, or to create presentation standards that you can turn into a digital look-book or catalog to easily share product specifications or project details. Our Templates show different ways for you to use frames to organize your Canvas.

In this example, the Canvas template has a Sandlot for ideation and product curation, a Presentation section with Frames used to build out the presentation format, and Instructions for how to export and share.

This template uses larger Frames in the portrait-orientation to organize by location or typicals by area. The frame has a rendered view, products, furniture layout, and architectural finishes layout. A template like this could be used for a presentation, a specification or look book, installation package or product catalog.

Easily add different product views, like the product card or drawing views, in your Frames. The example below could be exported to create a PDF product catalog or act as a digital product catalog with immediate access to all of the product details and drawings.

This template uses Frames to organize the details of a project with a frame showing a spaceplan, concept, selected products, color story and materials & finishes. Each frame can be exported and combined to form a presentation.

Exporting or Printing:

You can easily export any frame as a PDF, JPEG or PNG file to insert into an existing presentation template (like PowerPoint, InDesign or Figma), to combine into a PDF package or binder for reference or distribution, or to print.

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