How to add an inspiration image

Adding images to your mood board or furniture presentation is as simple as copy-paste (or drag & drop)

Copy-paste an image from a website

Copy & paste images from any website, Miro or Pinterest. Navigate to your preferred image(s). Highlight your image(s) or right-click on the image(s) (or and select Copy Image (or cmd+C or Ctrl+C). Navigate to your Canvas and cmd+V or Ctrl+V or right-click and select Paste.

Add an image from the toolbar

  1. Select the Upload icon from the Canvas toolbar.

  2. Your Finder or Documents Manager window will open up separately.

  3. Choose a .jpg or .png file. Navigate to the folder location where your inspiration image is saved and select your preferred image.

  4. Click Open to automatically place the image in your Canvas.

Read more about this Upload button feature in the toolbar by reading this article linked here - like how to upload a CAD file and how to upload DWG and DXF files:

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Drag & Drop an image from a folder

Go to your Finder or Documents manager and navigate to the folder where you have your images saved. Open the folder and select the image(s), hold down you left mouse button, and drag the image(s) to your Canvas board. Drop the image(s) wherever you'd like them to appear on your Canvas.

Turn any image into a Custom Product card

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