Copy-Paste from Canvas to Canvas

Copy - paste is the fastest and easiest way to add images alongside your layouts in your design presentations. Easily copy from one Canvas to another Canvas.

Copy-Paste from Canvas to Canvas

  • Go to your Canvas dashboard and open an existing Canvas or start a new Canvas. This will open in a new tab or window.

  • Navigate to the Canvas that you want to copy from. A Canvas from our Templates, Brand Storefronts and Community Canvases have great options.

  • Launch the Template Canvas you've selected.

  • Highlight the images, products, and drawings you want to copy. Right-click and select Copy or ctrl+C / cmd+C.

  • Navigate to the tab or window of the Canvas you want to copy to. Right-click on the area of the Canvas you want to place your copied items and either select Paste or ctrl+V / cmd+V.

  • Start designing with your selections! Remember that you can toggle amongst different view depending on whether you need product drawings, images or specifications.

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