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How to use AI Assistant

Augment your workflow with AI to help you identify, replace and discover the right products for your design

About Canvas AI

Canoa is constantly learning about products through images and text and vector drawings. These learnings allow it to continuously improve the quality of search and recommendations provided to any individual user. The Canvas AI combs through our extensive Product library and provides recommendations generated from hundreds of millions of product combinations. This is why the more users Canoa has in its community, the richer and higher quality search and discovery will be. The more designers that use our AI-assisted tools, the more intuitive the tools, and the more effective people can be.

Using Canvas AI

When you select an image on your Canvas, the AI function gets triggered. If the image is an inspiration or product image that you've brought into you Canvas, then the AI recommendation icon will automatically appear on the image wherever a recommendation is available.
Click on the icon and it will turn purple when activated. Select Stuff Like Me to find similar products and Find Friends to find complementary products. Use the Shuffle button to advance through additional suggestions. When you see an option you like, simply drag the image into your Canvas board.
AI recommendations for inspiration images

AI Recommendations for Products

You can also use the AI function to find alternate or additional product recommendations on the product from our Products library. Simply select the product in your Canvas, then click on the AI icon to View Recommendations. The AI icon will turn purple when active.
AI recommendations available for any of our Products

AI for Interior Design

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