How To Search For Products

This article will teach you how to search for your products on Canoa, and showcase the various places your product is discoverable on the Canoa platform for all users.

Search for products in our Products library:

The first way you can search for products is heading over to our Products tab in the left-side navigation bar. You can search by brand (manufacturer or vendor) by typing in the Brand search bar.

For Pro, Studio, and Enterprise users: Find a product that you want to remember for later? Click on that product and select "Save to My Catalog." Now, you can reference the My Catalog feature in the left-side navigation bar for easy look up to use in your Canvases later. Consider these your favorites.

Search for products in Canvas:

You can browse for products within a Canvas. Create a Canvas or click on an existing Canvas. Once you are in Canvas, this really is a great way to start designing a digital mood board, creating a furniture schedule specification, and space plan with a floor plan.‍

  1. Go to the bottom right corner of the opened Canvas and click the + icon.

  2. Search for products in the main search bar or with the Filters menu to narrow your search by Category, Condition, Buy Price, Lead Time, Manufacturer, Vendor, Tag, and Collection.

  3. When you find a product you like, just drag and drop it into the Canvas. You can also select multiple products to then drag into the Canvas all together at once by clicking on the checkboxes of each product card (in the upper left corner).

You can double click into a product to show a more detailed view with the pricing, the size, as well as the carbon footprint or just the images.

Now you can view the product as purely an image; you can also remove the background to give it more of a layering effect; view just its 2D vector drawing; or you can view the product card with all its specifications by toggling through the three viewing options seen above.

You can also search for products within your Canvas after they are placed in the Canvas. We know that mood boarding can get messy and all over the place - but that's part of the fun. Use the universal search keyboard shortcut, Control + F, to find what you're looking for. Clicking Control + F will search through product cards and text boxes that are in your Canvas.

Brand Storefronts:

Discover public catalogs and canvases in our Brand Storefronts. These digital storefronts connect you directly with manufacturers and their catalog of products. When you select a brand's storefront, you will find details about that brand, an exclusive look at new launches, product highlights, and Canvases that they've created.

Clicking on the Go to Brand Catalog will take you directly to the products in our Products library.

Clicking on Launch Brand Canvas will take you to a canvas with their products. Here you can select images and products that you'd like to include in your design, and copy-paste them directly into your own Canvas.

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