How to use the Product Side Panel

This article will teach you how to view the full furniture specifications of products and pre-existing kits that can jump-start your design.

Canvas is connected to a product catalog where every product is enriched with incredible data, like product specifications and embodied carbon. Here is a step by step way how to access these furniture specifications and recommended product suggestions, which will help save you time preparing design options as an interior designer.

First, create a Canvas.

What are Kits?

Kits are vignette templates that are great for inspiration and design. When you open up Kits, you see other vignettes featuring the same product that you selected, but with different furniture options. You can click on the Kit image, and can find what products make up that Kit, as well as other, further similar Kits. You can drag and drop the whole Kit into your Canvas easily, and include these as design options to present to a client.‍

What is Recommended?

The Recommended category shows additional products that may work with the product you have selected. For example, if you have selected a chair, Recommended may show you a side table and a rug that both go well with this chair. Recommended will help you easily find alternates to create additional design options. ‍

What is Similar Products?

Similar Products show the same category of product as the one you have selected. For example, you selected a lounge chair, and Similar Products will show different fabric options available for this chair or other lounge chairs that have a similar overall design. You can easily drag and drop different options into your Canvas to see how they look.

We hope this Side Panel feature within Canvas helps save you time as you create mood boards, design options, and furniture specification alternates for all your interior design projects.

Please watch the full video above to learn more about accessing and using the Product Side Panel within the Canvas tool.

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