How to bring your furniture schedule into your Revit model

Easily create a furniture schedule in your Canvas mood board and import it into your Revit rvt model.

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pageHow to create a furniture schedule

Linking your Canvas Furniture Schedule into Revit rvt:

Unfortunately, you can't link data files directly into Revit. Below are some options that can allow your Canvas Furniture Schedule to be used in Revit. Please note that your Furniture Schedule will be static and no edits can be made within Revit to your linked Furniture Schedule.

  • Save your CSV Furniture Schedule as a PDF and insert into you Revit model, You can choose to Import PDF or Link PDF and select which page to import or link.

  • Link your Furniture Schedule into an AutoCAD DWG file and then Insert, Link CAD to place your Furniture Schedule into your Revit model.

These learning articles can help you convert your CSV Furniture Schedule to a format that will work with Revit rvt:

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