How to create a furniture schedule

This article will show you how easy it is to create a furniture schedule from your digital mood board for furniture specification, procurement, and general information sharing.

Canoa's Canvas is more than just another digital mood board tool. With one click, you can create a furniture schedule from the products on your Canvas, making the furniture design and specification process quick and easy.

Adding a Furniture Schedule to your Canvas:

  1. Open your Canvas mood board.

  2. Select the Add a Schedule icon on the toolbar, and the furniture schedule will appear hovering on your cursor.

  3. Place the Schedule wherever you would like on your Canvas with just a click.

Initially, the Schedule will automatically capture every product that is on your entire Canvas. Toggle between the three icon views at the top of the Schedule - product drawings, product images, and product cards - to check what the Schedule is capturing.

How to Customize your Schedule:

  • Click the Gear icon on the Schedule to edit the Settings of your Schedule.

  • Name your Schedule.

  • Choose the data fields you would like to show on your Canvas.

  • Order the data fields to your liking by clicking the three dashed lines and moving the fields up and down the Settings panel.

  • To save these settings, simply click outside of the side panel.

Pro Tip: Choose to include Areas in the Column Settings of the Schedule. This way, when you export the schedule to a CSV file, Areas will be included as a data column that you can sort by in your next spreadsheet program.

  • Resize the Schedule as wide or tall or short and narrow as you would like by clicking on the corners or edges of the schedule and drag.

  • You can also resize the width of your data columns inside of the Schedule by zooming in and grabbing the edge of the column and dragging right or left.

  • Sort your columns by ascending or descending order by clicking on the arrows.

The Benefits of Using Schedules:

  • Use the Search Bar within the Schedule to find a product quickly.

  • Use the Filters button to filter and show only specific categories of product.

    • Filter by Areas, Category, Condition, Lead Time, Manufacturer, Vendor, and Tags.

    • You can also filter by toggling between the three icon views - product drawings, product images, and product cards.

  • Confirm counts by filtering product and checking the Quantity column. This is great for validating space plans.

  • To download the schedule to a .CSV file, select the schedule and click Export Selection icon at the bottom. In the format window, choose CSV as the format in the drop down menu. Select the data fields you wish to be included, and click download. A CSV file will be sent to your email within seconds. You can take that .CSV file and bring it into Excel, GoogleSheets, Airtable, or any spreadsheet program that you use.

Creating Budgets with Schedules:

The best way to create budgets within Canvas is with the use of Projects. When you add a Project to your Canvas, you are only now able to add in custom pricing per line item in your furniture schedule. With Projects, you have full control of Discounts and Markups. You then can decide whether to show or hide these data fields in addition to List Price, Sell Price, Net Price, and Net Discount fields. This is a great feature to create quick ROM budgets when presenting to clients.

The Projects feature is only available to paid, upgraded Canoa accounts that fall in the Pro, Studio, or Enterprise tiers. Upgrade your account via the Team page.

To learn more about this upgraded feature that gives you full control over pricing, read this article here:

Creating a Project

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