Working with Catalog Pro

Easily import, export, edit and manage your own product data in bulk with .CSV files on Catalog Pro. This feature is the gateway to bringing your data into Canoa quickly.

Onboard your own product data easily with Catalog Pro. Whether you're a brand wanting to showcase your catalog of products or a design team managing 1,000s of skus on a project, the ability to upload, download, and edit product data in bulk on Canoa is a life saver.

Catalog Pro is where you import, maintain, and export products to and from your Catalog. If you are a brand or supplier, you will be able to publish your products to the public Products library for all users to discover on Canoa.

As an upgraded feature for all Pro, Studio, and Enterprise accounts, the Catalog Pro feature allows you to manage all of your products you have uploaded into your Catalog in bulk through the simple importing and exporting of CSV files. Catalog Pro is the tool that helps you bring your own data into Canvas in a simply and easy way to then play and design with.

Note: Anything you add from the public Products library will save to your My Catalog but not appear in Catalog Pro, as you do not have editing ability of public products.

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