How to edit your product data

This article will teach you how to ensure users are designing with accurate information of your products, like stock availability, price increases, and updated lead times.

A consistent step along this product discovery journey is to keep your product data fresh and up-to-date. Lead times are constantly changing, inventory of products come and go daily, and price increases happen almost quarterly. With Catalog Pro, you will be able to maintain and update your existing products in your Canoa Catalog whenever you need.

‍There are two ways to edit your existing product data:

The first way is working directly in Catalog Pro.

We recommend working in this way if you are updating less than 20 products.

  1. Make sure you are working in your own View - in case someone else from your team is working in Catalog Pro at the same time.

  2. Click on the individual product image in the list of products to show the Product Side Panel. You then can edit any of the fields in this right side panel, which will automatically save to your Catalog.

  3. If your products are published to Canoa’s public Products database, your products will automatically be updated publicly, no additional steps are needed.

  4. If you want to work on a specific group of products, for example, click on the Filter tool and then select the sofa category, for example (if you have multiple manufacturers you may filter through those or any other filter as well). This will bring up all of the sofas instead of sifting through the entire catalog of products.

The second way to edit product data is by working in a CSV file. We call this bulk importing.

We recommend working in this way if you are making updates to more than 20 products at one time. First, let's pull your existing product data out of Catalog Pro and into a CSV file so we can utilize the Product IDs of your products.

  1. Make sure you are working in your own View - in case someone else from your team is working in Catalog Pro at the same time.

  2. Select all of the products you would like to bulk edit by checking the box to the right of the product name. You can use the Filter tool to narrow down the search.

  3. Click on the three dots on the right and then select Export. You will then see a window pop up at the bottom of your screen to let you know that it's working on downloading the CSV file to your computer. (It may take a few seconds).

  4. Open your CSV file in your preferred spreadsheet program, like Excel, GoogleSheets, or Airtable, and edit the desired fields you would like to update.

There are a few important things to note:

  • You must always include the Product ID field in the CSV file to update existing products in Catalog Pro. This is how Canoa recognizes each product for bulk edits. If you do not include the Product ID for each line of data, a new product will be created and your existing product will not be updated.

    • Tip: Make the Product ID column the primary (or first) column in your spreadsheet.

  • You may delete all other fields that you are not updating from your CSV file.

  • In the spreadsheet program you are working in, export or download your new edits to a new CSV file.

Now, let's import the CSV file back into Catalog Pro in order to complete this bulk edit.

  • While in Catalog Pro, click Import and select your CSV file.

  • Make sure the Product ID field and the fields you are updating are selected -> click Import.

    • Tip: If the formatting of your Field names do not match the Product Data Template, then you must manually select the Fields from the drop down menu in this view.

    • Tip: You will accidentally create new products if you do not include the Product ID field in this bulk import to edit existing products. The Product ID is the most important factor when making edits to live data on Canoa.

  • You will get a notification and an email once your Import is complete.

  • Your products are now updated in your private catalog and public catalog!‍

If you are a supplier, you are responsible for maintaining accurate data you share with Canoa. We recommend that you update your Airtable or Excel Spreadsheet weekly or monthly -- pinging the Canoa team when an update to your data has been made - email us @

Please watch the video above for a complete, in depth explanation of navigating these steps.

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