How to export your product data

This article will teach you how to export product data from Catalog Pro into a CSV file so you manipulate that data in your preferred spreadsheet program.

As an upgraded Pro+ user with the Catalog Pro feature, you will be able to import, edit, and export your products to a raw data CSV file whenever you need to take this data somewhere else. Exporting products to a CSV file is helpful when needing to make bulk edits quickly for fresh specifications or when it's time to create a budget for a client or project.

Let's export your existing products out of Catalog Pro and into a CSV file.

  1. Make sure you are working in your own View - in case someone else from your team is working in Catalog Pro at the same time.

  2. Select all of the products you would like to export by checking the box to the right of the product name. You can use the Filter tool to narrow down the search or click on the top checkbox to select all.

  3. Click on the three dots on the right and then select Export. You will then see a window pop up at the bottom of your screen to let you know that it's working on downloading the CSV file to your computer. (It may take a few seconds).

  4. The CSV file usually downloads directly to your computer's download folder. If not, disable pop-up blockers from this site.

  5. Open your CSV file in your preferred spreadsheet program, like Excel, GoogleSheets, or Airtable, to edit and manipulate however you'd like.

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