Best Practices for Data Formatting

This article will show you some best practices on keeping your product information and data clean, short, and consistent on Canoa. Healthy data is key for beautiful designs in Canvas.

Healthy Data Fields for Specification and Designing

Below are a few best practices to make sure you and your team have what they need to specify again and again on Canvas with Canoa.

Product Name:

All names with each word capitalized. Example: Round Coffee Table


The SKU is an integral part of creating products and the ability to specify products again and again. You may be putting together parts and pieces to create a conference table or a modular sofa. As well as adding fabrics and finishes to your product.

  • Use the SKU needed to specify and quote that product.

  • This may be a combination of SKUs that can be separated by , commas, + plus signs or - dashes

Example: A conference table may be made of the top, base and power components. Instead of creating products for each component, combine them for ease of specifying. Example: 1234-567-8910


Add in the name of the color or series of colors that make up your product. A side chair may be Alabaster with a Chrome frame. Below are some examples:

  • Alabaster, Chrome

  • Shell: Alabaster, Frame: Chrome


This is where you will be able to dive deeper into the materials of the product. It may be made of recycled poly, white oak veneer, fabric, stainless steel, etc. Listing all of the materials included in the product is helpful for you and your client making decisions.

  • Recycled Poly, Powder Coated Stainless Steel


We recommend industry standard formatting, which is required for published products.

  • All size in inches "

  • Simplified Width x Depth x Height, Seat Height = W" x D" x H", SH"

You may use metric sizing if this works best for you and your project.

Lead Time (Weeks):

We recommend using the interior design standard of Weeks for the lead time.

  • Canoa only accepts one number, i.e. 16

  • If there is a range, i.e. 2-4 weeks, choose the longest lead time to plan for any contingencies.

  • You may want to consider adding additional time for freight

Example: 2 weeks for domestic ground freight or 8 weeks for international sea freight

Bulk Importing:

How to import your product data

Refer to the Product Data Templates below for column formatting requirements, Subcategories, Categories, and other format details. Read the article linked above to walk through the step-by-step guide on how to import 100s of products at once into Canoa.

Understanding and utilizing products


What if I don’t have all of the information and I am using products privately in my account?

Add the product information and data you have. It's okay to leave fields blank! You and other users in your account can always add more details later quickly and easily.

What if I don’t have some information and I want to publish publicly on Canoa?

If you are looking to publish, all fields with an asterisk must be complete to create a publishable product. If your company doesn’t require a field or do not need it to specify, please add in N/A to that column or field. Read the article below for more information on this topic:

How to become a published Brand

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