How to import 2D vector data (drawings)

This article will teach you how to upload an AutoCAD drawing (.dwg, .dxf or .3dm) individually and in bulk and how to draw a 2D drawing for your custom products.

  1. Create a New Product within My Catalog or Catalog Pro or start with a product that has been already imported into Catalog Pro.

  2. Click on the product you wish to add a 2D drawing to which will pull up the editing tool on the right side.

  3. Click on the Drawing Icon under the main product image. This will open up the Drawing Editor.

Import an existing vector file:

  • In the Drawing Editor, select your 2D file from your computer by clicking Import Drawing in the upper right hand corner.

  • Need help understand what kind of drawing file you need to have a successful import? Read this article linked here:

pageBest practices for uploading vector data

Create your own drawing:

  • In the Drawing Editor, draw your 2D drawing using the Ellipse, Polyline or Rectangle tool. This is great for simple shapes.

Using the drawing tools:

  • Confirm the scale with the Measure Tool.

  • Refine your drawing with the Outline Style and Fill Tools.

  • *We at Canoa prefer a black outline with a 50% opacity white fill when designing in Canvas but feel free to get creative.

No need to worry about saving your work. Your drawing will automatically be saved and the product card will be updated with the new 2D drawing.

Bulk import your vector data using Catalog Pro:

You are able to utilize bulk importing and exporting features with Catalog Pro. This tool allows you to create and update 5 to 2,000 custom product cards in a matter of seconds. Bulk import your .dwg/.dxf drawings by importing the Drawing URLs in a CSV file into Catalog Pro.

  1. Save your 2D vector data (drawings) as a .dwg or .dxf to your preferred cloud storage like AWS, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.

If you are saving your drawing files in a GoogleDrive, you will need to set the link parameters. Refer to this Google Drive Link Generator to format the parameters.

  1. Test your link and make sure it opens the file and does not open a folder.

  2. Open your Canoa provided Product Data Template and paste the link in the Drawing column.

    1. If you are updating existing products on Canoa, make sure you have their Product IDs. If you are creating new products, no Product ID column is necessary.

  3. Download your spreadsheet as a CSV file.

  4. Import your CSV into Catalog Pro by clicking Import within the three dots in the Catalog Pro dashboard.

  5. Make sure all fields that you would like to update or create are selected before clicking Import.

  6. Check your email or look out for the 'Import Complete' notification.

  7. Click on each product's drawing editor to check or modify your 2D drawing.

Continue reading onto the next article to learn more about the best drawing files for successful uploads into Canoa. View examples of high, variable, and low quality drawings that our platform supports.

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