How to share products from My Catalog

This article will show you how to share your own catalog of products, data, and design standards with your team of collaborators from My Catalog.

If you are a Canoa user (Admin or Member) in multiple accounts you have the ability to Share products and their data between the accounts that you are a part of. This is true for any products you have collected from the Product Library as well as all custom products you've created.

Whenever products are shared to other accounts, they will live in My Catalog of that receiving account and while some products cannot be edited, they can be removed from My Catalog by the receiving account at anytime.

Sharing from My Catalog:

This is a great way for sharing products from the Product Library and a small number of custom products.

  • Select all products you wish to Share.

  • Click the Share button in the upper right corner.

  • Select the account you would like to Share your products with in the dropdown menu of accounts.

  • After you have hit Share, switch accounts to confirm the products that you have shared appear in My Catalog of the second account.

You can also share custom products from Catalog Pro. For more about this process, visit the article linked below:

How to share custom products from Catalog Pro

NOTE: Users that are not apart of the account where the custom (private) product is initially created will not be able to edit the product data in the shared account. They will have view-only access to this shared product data. They will be able to remove the shared product from their My Catalog at anytime.

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