How to add or remove users from your account

This article will teach you how to edit the users on your account.

Adding & Removing Users For Starter Accounts:

Starter accounts are limited to a single user per account with limited access to Canoa's platform. You will need to upgrade your account tier to add users to your account. You can not remove yourself as a user.

pageChanging your account subscription

Adding Users For Pro & Studio Accounts:

  • Pro & Studio accounts can add additional users to their account by clicking on the Add Users button.

  • Enter the email or emails separated by a comma; then click 'Send Invites'

  • Don't forget to select each User's role:

    • Member role - will not be able to add, remove, or edit user access

    • Admin role - will be able to add/remove users and edit access, and can edit account settings

Pricing for Additional Users:

Pricing for additional users is charged based on your pricing tier. Please see the Canoa Pricing page for more details or contact for more information.

Removing Users For Pro & Studio Accounts

  • Click on the Delete or garbage can icon for the User you'd like to remove. NOTE: Only an Admin role can remove users from an account.

  • Select Yes when asked to confirm the removal of the User.

  • Once you remove a User, they are permanently removed from your Account. If you need to add that user back into your account, then follow the Adding Users process above.

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