Creating a Project

This article will walk you through the steps of how to create a Project within Canvas, taking your mood board to specification and better managing furniture schedules, budgets, and milestone dates.

What are Projects?

Projects allow you to focus on the management and scheduling part of the design process so that everyone is aware of a project's scope, progress and status. You can create a budget, furniture schedule, and mark milestones all in one place within the Canvas to make sure your project stays on track. Adding a Project within your Canvas also allows you to track your embodied carbon. With Projects, you can easily organize and manage a project's scope of work - all in one place.

This feature is only available in upgraded, paid plans.

Why use Projects?

Add a Project into your Canvas in order to capture and easily present the following information:

  • The Project's Name

  • Furniture Specification Schedules

    • Schedules are customizable and filterable

  • Address information with a live Google Maps view of your Project's location

  • Gross Area sq ft

  • Plannable Area sq ft

  • Total Budget - with Project Discount and Project Markup percentage

    • You can edit pricing per item by adding in custom discounting and a markup to show net discounting

    • You can decide to show or hide the Project Subtotal

  • Carbon Estimate

  • The percentage of second-life items you are designing with

  • Cost per Square Foot

  • Milestone Dates in a timeline format

How to add a Project:

Add a Project from the top Toolbar inside the Canvas you are working on. Projects live in the dropdown selection of the Schedule icon. The Project reads the entire Canvas initially, but don't worry - you are able to filter and manipulate what you want it to read.

  1. Open or create a Canvas.

  2. Start designing with Products library to create a collage or vignette for a new project or client. (A.k.a. Put some furniture into your Canvas for the Project to capture and showcase).

  3. Reference the top Toolbar, and click on the dropdown menu of the Add a Schedule button.

  4. Click Project.

  5. A grey rectangle will hover with your cursor. Place your Project in your Canvas wherever you would like it to live. You can always move your Project around the Canvas at a later time.

What do to with your Project:

Congrats! You've successfully added a Project into your Canvas. Now it's time to edit and customize it with all your Project details.

  • To edit the Project settings, click on the Gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the Project. A side panel window will pop-up on the right side of your screen to edit all the fields inside the Project.

    • Click on the Arrows to expand the editable fields, which are Address, Budget & Pricing, Square Footage, Milestones, and Column Settings.

    • While in the Project settings, add Milestone dates that will then activate the Milestone widget at the bottom of your Project. After you add a few milestones - like Kick Off Meeting, Order Ship Date, and Delivery & Install days - you can scroll horizontally on a timeline to compare those due dates to today.

  • Outside of Project settings, click on the Filter button and the different product view icons to further control what is included in the Furniture Schedule portion of your Project. The Furniture Schedule is located on the left-side of your Project and is interactive.

    • You can edit the Schedule columns under Column Settings in the Project settings side panel.

  • Click the Export Selection button at the bottom of the Project (when activated) to export your Project.

    • You can choose to export this work into a PDF, JPEG, or PNG.

    • If you select to export to a .CSV file, a furniture schedule, with all the products' data, will be emailed to you directly.

Read more about the Schedule feature and how to customize it in depth here:

How to create a furniture schedule

Resize your Project by clicking the corners or dragging out the sides.

Continue reading the next articles to learn how to utilize Areas to better manipulate and further detail your Projects and Furniture Schedules.

Working with Areas

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