Editing the Project settings

This article will teach you how to add the details of your Project and edit your Project settings to better manage furniture schedules, budgets, and milestone dates within your Canvas.

You have opened or created a Canvas, began designing with Products, and added a Project into your Canvas to better capture the scope and budget of your new project. When we first add a Project into our Canvas, the Project initially captures every single product that lives in that Canvas. This article will show you how to edit and add details to the Project and manipulate the Furniture Schedule to show only product data you want included.

This feature is only available in upgraded, paid plans.

Edit the Project Settings and Details:

  1. Click on the Pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of the Project. A side panel window will pop-up on the right side of your screen to edit all the fields inside the Project.

    • Give your Project a name.

    • Filter the furniture schedule by product type - Drawings, Images, and/or product Cards. Or filter by Areas.

    • Add in an overall Project Discount and Markup percentage.

    • Input the address of your Project's location. The Google Maps preview will populate automatically.

    • Add in Gross Area (sq ft)

    • Add in Plannable Area (sq ft) - Areas automatically calculate this number for you!

    • Input the overall Budget. The budget per sf will populate automatically based off of this and the Plannable Area input.

    • Add Milestone dates that will then activate the Milestone widget at the bottom of your Project. After you add a few milestones - like Kick Off Meeting, Order Ship Date, and Delivery & Install days - you can scroll horizontally on the timeline widget to compare those due dates to today.

  2. To exit the Project Settings, simply click anywhere on the Canvas outside of the side panel. The settings side panel will save and close automatically.

Editing the Project Settings and inputing all the details of your Project inside your Canvas allows you to track your actual costs against your overall budget, set project milestones and track against them live, and track your embodied carbon to see how much of your Project is designed with second-life pieces of furniture.

Now in Canvas, you can manage Projects all in one place with live, active product data.

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